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Welcome to the Larp Census Wiki.

The Larp Census is an international project to discover how many larpers there are in the world, and to explore the different ways that people larp. The census was first run in 2014 and collected approximately 30,000 responses from larpers around the world. While this is only a fraction of the total estimated population of people involved in larp, the results provide a fascinating insight into a colourful and creative activity.

This wiki will present data from the census in a curated form with appropriate context, to provide an appreciation of the scale and diversity of the world of larp.

How can I contribute?[edit]

  • Visit the Data Explorer or request the census results to analyse the results of the census.
  • Create or edit wiki pages to document the results of the census.
  • For example, create or edit a page dedicated to the census results for a specific country.
  • Alternatively, create a page about a theme from the census such as Motivation or Economics, comparing results across territories or regions.
  • Add graphical presentations of the data to make it easier to understand.
  • Contribute by formatting, proofreading or editing pages to make the wiki accessible, consistent and attractive.
  • If you are an experienced wiki editor, create templates to provide consistent presentation of data across multiple pages.

Editing guidelines[edit]

Larp is practiced in many ways around the world, and the Larp Census attempts to capture this international diversity. The Larp Census Wiki is currently available only in English, however it is intended to present the global census results in an even-handed fashion without favouring specific territories.

So far the census has only run once, from October 2014 to January 2015. However, it is intended that the census will run periodically. Where possible the same questions will be re-used so that comparisons can be made over time. When documenting the results please leave space for data from future runs of the census. For example, you could create a table with a column for the 2014 data, so that future data can be added in additional columns.

The primary content of this wiki is analysis of the census results. Additional content can be added with contextual information to help orient the reader to the topic at hand. Appropriate scholarly sources should be cited when data from outside the census is referenced to provide context to the census results. Uncontroversial contextual information can be added without citations. Photos to illustrate larp practices in different locations are welcome, however please ensure appropriate permissions from photographers and subjects are provided for any photos that are uploaded.

The intended audience of the Larp Census Wiki includes larpers, academic researchers, journalists, companies and governments seeking to learn more about the demographics and practice of larp in their territories and around the world. Because the wiki is not intended solely for larpers, please ensure that larp jargon is defined with citations where appropriate, and that all content is suitable for a general audience.