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Please complete this form if you are a researcher and wish to request the results of the 2014 Larp Census to perform your own analysis.

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Sensitive data

Note that we will only release these types of data to appropriate academic researchers.
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Data Use Agreement

This data set is released under the following conditions:
  1. The data set has been de-identified.
    No names, email addresses, years of birth, cities, street addresses, IP addresses or other information that might allow for respondents to be readily identified are included.

  2. You agree to not attempt to identify respondents.
    Do not attempt to use other information in the data set such as responses regarding larp experience to identify the people who provided responses.

  3. You agree to not share the data set with any other person.
    Instead, inform other researchers who are interested in the data set that they may request their own data release from the Larp Census.

  4. You may share and publish your analysis of the data set as you see fit.

  5. You agree that when you publish an analysis of the data set you will inform us.
    We may list your publication on the Larp Census site.

  6. You may sell your analysis of the data set to commercial companies.
    In the interest of encouraging businesses that provide commercial products and services to the larp community, we are allowing you to sell your analysis. You may not sell the data set itself.

  7. You agree to acknowledge the Larp Census as the source of the data set in your analysis.

  8. You agree that this data set remains the property of the Larp Census.

  9. You are granted use of the data set for 1 year from the date you receive it.
    After this time you must either dispose of your copy of the data set, or request from the Larp Census to have your data use agreement extended.

I agree to the conditions of the Data Use Agreement listed above: *